Derek Hale is taking over my life.
i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


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#29 + “apples” requested by anonymous
"Everyone is in high school (& alive) AU" - 1/?

"I like apples."

Of all the things he could have said, all the things he wanted to say - he had a plan and it was such a good plan - he chose ‘I like apples’.
It’s not like he can be blamed, though, because you can’t just walk over to Stiles Stilinski while the kid is pressing those pink lips of his against the polished skin of an apple and sinking his teeth into it when there’s other skin that definitely requires the same treatment far more.

Alright. Stop. See, that’s the point!

He doesn’t know anything else to say the moment he reaches the table where Stiles Stilinski is sitting with his friends. Who are clearly judging him now.
This is all Kira’s fault. She told him to just ‘go and ask him out, Derek, because this drooling - literally - all over our history project needs to stop now!’ in her cutest passive-aggressive whisper voice while cleaning her notebook.
And he doesn’t even need to see her face to know that she’s about to spit all over their homework from laughing right now. Best friends are the worst.
"Maybe we should leave you two-", says Lydia Martin - somewhere between dry-wit and disgust, probably - and it looks like Stiles is going to jump over the table to stop her and the others from standing up, flailing and with a not so quiet "OH MY GOD!”.
He really knows how to get everyone’s attention. No, seriously, it’s like the whole schoolyard is looking at them.
"… alone."

Derek will hit himself with his basketball until his head falls off.

Sterek Underworld - The Rise of the Lycans AU: Over 1,000 years ago, Derek was born, the first Lycan able to retain a human form. Enslaved by Gerard, the ruthless Elder of the Vampire Clan, collared, beaten and belittled, Derek grows up with only one light in his life: Prince Stiles, Gerard’s ward. The two grow up together - fierce children, lonely children - who find companionship and ultimately love into one another. Their romance is forbidden, not only by their status as member of the noble vampire council and low slave and blacksmith. But also because the races are forbidden to mingle. In Gerard’s eyes, Vampires are perfection, and werewolves are no better than beasts.
But Derek is done being treated like an animal, used and abused constantly. He manages to escape, freeing a multitude of fellow Lycans, but unable to take Stiles with him. The lovers make a promise to meet again, but fate is against them. Gerard finds out about their forbidden affair. Enraged, disgusted, he doesn’t hesitate to have his own ward locked into prison, or to use him as the bait to recapture Derek. Torturing Stiles in front of Derek’s own eyes is sweet revenge for Gerard. Who is so driven by his insane need to keep the two races apart, that he doesn’t hesitate to chain Stiles, and to
let the dawn light
cascade on him

in front of his beloved, chained and helpless and screaming his throat raw, only a few steps away from Stiles.
Driven crazy by grief, Derek manages to wrench free from his bindings, steal the necklace that his prince always wore around in neck and starting what will be known as The Great War between Vampires and Lycans.

of course, by year 2011, Stiles in reborn in the town of Beacon Hills and reunited with his love, who’s been waiting for him, embittered and lonely, for all these centuries. That’s because I’m a sucker for angst with an happy ending.


Sterek Artist!AU Reclist of Reclists

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Needs More Sparkly Pens

Derek finds a notebook.

We Need to Talk About Sparkly Pens

Stiles finds his notebook in his bedroom and oh holy god.

Not Safe for Sparkly Pens

(Not safe for work. Not safe for life.)

Home And Nothing At All

Shelter AU - While life continues shitting on him left right and center, Stiles finds comfort in his growing relationship with his best friend’s big brother. Eventually the relationship butts heads with family obligations and Stiles struggles to figure out what he really wants from life.

I See Your Face Before Me

While Stiles was studying in New York, Scott moved to LA and found a new co-bestie. Stiles can’t wait to meet him. The feeling, however, is far from mutual.

AU piece, based somewhat around one of the stories in the movie Love Actually. The end especially.

Golden Ratio

Derek gets distracted by a professor holding class on the lawn. Then an art bomb drops on him and Things Happen.

Manual Instruction

"Dude, I’m telling you, it’s everywhere.” Stiles is upset that Scott cannot seem to grasp his distress.

Scott chews slack-jawed on a Twizzler and says, “Are you sure this isn’t like that time in eighth grade when the history channel convinced you that aliens built the pyramids?”

Whispers in the Dark

Stiles Stilinski would call himself a starving artist except for the simple facts that he is neither starving, nor does he know anything about art (unless you consider a novelist an artist, which Stiles only does sometimes). So when his best friend insists he accompany him to a show in the city, Stiles thinks it will probably be the most boring evening of his life.

Enter Derek.

Have My Heart 

Whatever Laura says, Derek doesn’t stalk Stiles. He doesn’t. Yes, his sketchbook might contain studies of Stiles’ hands, the subtle muscle definition in his forearms, but that means nothing; he’s good at art, it’s life drawing, nothing else.

Coming Home

An AU in which Derek works for the sheriff’s department, Stiles is a single father, and Laura lives to drive her brother up the wall.

Introduction to Fine Art

Stiles spots the familiar shape of Derek Hale, ludicrously conspicuous wearing dark jeans and long sleeves in June, ducking into the Beacon Hills Art Institute. The bubble he’s blowing pops all over his face.

The View From My Window

Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.

hope is the thing with feathers

Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.

Hands Too Shaky To Hold

When Derek shows up late to his art class, the last person he expects to see modeling is Stiles.

Portrait of a Wolf

In a big-city AU, Derek’s a reclusive painter known for his wolf and nature-themed artwork. Stiles is a photographer and journalist who works for a magazine that is doing a featured article on up-and-comer Derek. Things don’t get off to the best start, but Stiles is determined to capture the man behind the artwork. Of course, he’s going to get more than he bargained for.

Possibly I Like The Thrill Of Under Me You

It’s not that the idea of Stiles talking about him doesn’t make his stomach wrap itself in knots, it’s that it does just that. It makes him unbelievably uncomfortable and he doesn’t quite know why. He’s twenty seven years old, he pays taxes, he takes his mother out for lunch on Sundays; he is a grown up. But he’s getting weird butterflies when he glances over his shoulder to look at Stiles and a heat in his chest that feels something like what he supposes want must feel like.

Grin Like a Madman and Dance

“Stiles. We haven’t seen each other in ten years, but you somehow still managed to find yourself in the one square foot of this damn town that I happen to own. Will it blow your mind, if I say that I have faith? Faith that if this,” Derek gestures at the space between them, “is meant to be, it’ll work out?”


Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever.

Hands Too Shaky to Hold

When Derek shows up late to his art class, the last person he expects to see modeling is Stiles.

Quaking Aspen

College!AU where Stiles is a fine arts major who decides to take a sculpture class because the instructor, Professor Hale, is hot. He spends a lot of time sketching Derek instead of paying attention to the lecture parts of the class, but he still aces his final project.

Manual Instruction

“Dude, I’m telling you, it’s everywhere.” Stiles is upset that Scott cannot seem to grasp his distress. / Scott chews slack-jawed on a Twizzler and says, “Are you sure this isn’t like that time in eighth grade when the history channel convinced you that aliens built the pyramids?”

Brutalist Masterpieces

It figures the day Derek finally decides to face the do-it-yourself furniture is the day he breaks the only necessary tool.

Random Craigslist Missed Connections Derek/Stiles Not!Fic of Doom

An AU in which Stiles is lonely and addicted to the Missed Connections page on Craigslist, Derek is a hermit with a persistant sister, Scott gives unexpectedly good relationship advice, and it all ends happily-ever-after.


“Seriously, though, don’t you think it’s kind of weird that Derek keeps painting you?”

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